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Every entrepreneur  and professional must become acquainted with the language of their industry if they will ever be successful. Language barriers are not uncommon, but we don’t seem to think about it when it comes to entrepreneurship. There are many barriers that we must conquer when we are trying to break into an industry. It is possible to cut through the language barrier in your industry and become the influencer in your field. Here are some points that I think will help you:


What are you currently reading? You can’t evolve in an industry where you’re not invested. The most significant investment in you is in what you feed your mind. I had a desire from a child to be involved in the financial services and tax industry. My pursuit of developing a business in that industry started with what I read and the courses I took to prepare myself. There are so many who dream of starting companies and organizations in various sectors, but they lack the language necessary to launch a viable business. Reading is fundamental, but it is also developmental and enables you to speak the language of the industry you are going in.


How are you developing your fluency? Training is a crucial component to the development of your ability to speak the language of your industry. How often are you attending continuing education courses? The greatest hindrance to your advancement is pride. We should never be too comfortable in any area of our professional development that we don’t continue to grow. Additionally, those who are new to an industry should always remain teachable. My mentor Bishop Wayne Malcolm wrote in his book, The Mis-Education of the Masses, “To achieve job-independence you must first become a strategic learner.” If you desire to grow in your industry then, you should be intentional about learning the language of your industry.


What company are you keeping? What connections are you making? Most of you are familiar with the old saying you are the company you keep. I’ve learned that I am a product of the books I read and the people I associate. We must be strategic about the connections we make and why. The word influence means flowing in. The question you need to ask yourself is who is flowing into me? What flows in you determines what flows out of you. When someone comes to America from another part of the world if they are going to be an effective communicator they will need to learn the dominant language of America. One of the ways an immigrant will learn the language is by connecting with those who are fluent speakers of it. Do you currently have relationships with those who fluently speak the language of your industry? It’s time for you to connect with those who can help you fluently speak and comprehend the language of your industry.

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