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Influence is a subject that’s trending in today’s culture especially since we’re in the age of social media. Social significance and influence are taking on a whole new meaning today. However, no matter how much we evolve concerning social interaction some necessary components are still essential to the way we build influence. Let’s take a look at the three things every influencer needs today:


Your vision is the blueprint for your life, and everything that will come through you should be in alignment with your vision. Anyone who is serious about developing their influence must have a vision. What you see when the idea manifests is your vision. There is a difference between a dream and a vision. Dreams are lovely, but vision gives your dreams eyes. When your dream connects with vision, it now has direction. Influence is non-existent without vision. Show me an individual with power and I will show you a person with vision.


I have met incredible influencers with ideas that are out of this world. There is one challenge with most influencers, and that is the development of an effective strategy. The process of going from idea to implementation requires one thing, and that is a strategy. Strategy development is necessary if our visions and dreams will become a reality. In my time of building businesses, I have found that my strategic planning has been a great resource. Strategic planning starts with the end in mind and then a set of steps to get you to that end. Strategic planning should  be done with a team of strategists and critical thinkers. Your strategic plan should include dates, timelines, and tasks.  Entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and influencers will need a strategic plan if they desire to see any of their ideas manifest.


The power of where you’re going next is based upon the relationships you build today. The quality of your relationship both personally and professionally determines the quality of your life and business. During my 5th year in business, I discovered that I was not able to maximize my reach because I didn’t have people on my team that could help me. This discovery forced me to build new relationships with those who were smarter, more innovative, and even more influential than I. You can’t create a prominent business, organization, or movement without a team. Start looking to build new relationships that feed you and motivate you to go further than you ever dreamed of going.

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