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OCCUPY: Fulfilling Your Calling in the Workplace

The disciples and all those who followed Jesus were anxious to see the kingdom of God appear immediately. However, Jesus understanding that manifesting the kingdom of God on earth would take time, he wanted to provide them with a way to understand this principle. (Reference Luke 19:11-24)

In Jesus’ parable or story concerning a nobleman going back to his home country to receive the necessary authority and approval to move into rulership as a king. He shares how this nobleman chooses ten servants and gives each of them a pound. The nobleman represents Christ, and the servants represent the disciples. The pound is symbolic of the investment Christ was making in the disciples by teaching them kingdom principles and truths that were to be guiding principles to govern their lives. However, Jesus also expected them to reproduce and duplicate themselves by applying the teaching and living in such a way that others would be attracted and inquire of them what made them different.

Each servant received an investment with an expectation from the nobleman that upon his return they would have made something on the investment. The nobleman gives the servants one command and that was “Occupy till I come”

The word ‘occupy’ in this text is defined as “to trade or do business” and from this word we also get the word occupation.

Occupation is defined as “the principle activity in your life that you do to earn money” it can also be understood to mean the activity you do in a professional setting or that you have been trained to do which happens in a professional setting.

The text doesn’t make this clear if these servants were previously traders or not. What we do know is that these servants begin functioning and thinking like true entrepreneurs in the development of their strategy to increase the pound they had received. The pound also represents anything of value that has been obtained that would position you to be an influence and bring the presence of the kingdom of God in that area of influence.

It is important for you to understand that wherever you have access to people is right where God wants you to be to fulfill his mission. We must understand that GOD IS IN THE BUSINESS OF PEOPLE! The greatest investment that God made was an investment in humanity when breathed into Adam. What God does in breathing into Adam is again reiterated here with the servants and pounds. One of the most powerful messages conveyed here is the investment of God into humanity. The most disappointing thing in the Garden of Eden for God is that Adam didn’t value the investment made into his life.

The question is as a 21st century disciple of Jesus, do you value the investment that’s been made in you? When John preached he said the “kingdom of God is at hand”. When Jesus preached he said “the kingdom of God is come unto you”, but when Paul preached he said “the kingdom of God is in you”. Do you see the progression? What this means is that every where you go you carry the kingdom of God.

The kingdom God is the rule and reign of God. If Christ is in you and He rules and reigns then that will manifest in every area of your life including your occupation. There should never be a divorce of your career and your calling. Our calling is what we were made to do, but our career is what we are skilled to do.

Our calling is God’s way of expressing himself through us but our career is the place or platform used to touch the people who are supposed to be impacted by our calling. You may be saying, what if I am at a job that I don’t like? or career that I have loss passion for?

My response to that is simple even in places or careers that we don’t like God still desires to use us for His glory. Daniel was not interested in being in Babylon and Joseph wasn’t happy with being in Egypt. Neither of these men sought the positions for which they occupied in the secular arena, but their gifts and abilities were activated and used in those arenas because they were there to represent the King. Both of these men were dream interpreters and prophetic. It wasn’t during temple worship time or in a service that they discovered their gifts, but instead their gifts were activated while serving in government.

We must understand that God never called us to work just for a paycheck. Therefore, those of us who are working just for the money but haven’t asked God what is the mission he wants us to accomplish there are out of sync with the heart of God. Everything we do as Christians including our job is supposed to be for the glory of God and to further our influence in the kingdom of men for the Kingdom of God.

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