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If this 21st Century church is going to impact culture and be a voice in the marketplace, then we must craft a culture that is intentional about connecting with workplace professionals. Culture is developed in any organization, corporation or group by way of the systems we implement to train and educate, the systems used to empower, and the systems used to equip or tool them with what is necessary to get done whatever they are assigned to get done.

If we are going to become people who impact the marketplace, then we must be educated, empowered and equipped. The church needs to become engaged in developing the following if we are going to be an integral part of the revival that is happening in the marketplace:

1. Develop key centers of vocational development, enterprise training, and educational development.

2. Partner with key institutions of higher learning.

3. Encourage emerging generations to pursue higher levels of education.

4. Develop scholarship and funding programs to aid the next generation in pursuit of higher education.

5. Create opportunities for partnership between faith-based organizations, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and institutions of higher learning.

6. Post-secondary training institutions must invest in researching cutting-edge careers and skill sets necessary for future professions.

7. We must also use our houses of worship to encourage our parishioners to pursue higher education, developing businesses and improving economic conditions by investing in their financial literacy education.

We must create an environment where the career professional, educator, health care professional, and music artist feel like what they do matters to God. We need to be able to articulate the kind of message that empowers them to change their mission from being one of financial success to one of kingdom impact. We have for so long excluded the professional from the conversation on being called. We limited calling, purpose and impact to being exclusively for the professional pastor or individual called to pulpit ministry. However, we must show the professional person that what they do in their career and vocation is a CALLING from God and is necessary in the plan and purpose of God in the expansion of kingdom influence in the world. It is time we start to value marketplace professionals for more than their money and value their mindset, skillset, and toolset. 
The disciples were not asked to leave their vocation to follow Christ. They were asked to live a kingdom lifestyle which meant they would approach everything with a kingdom perspective.
Jesus wants to teach them how to build PEOPLE!

Therefore in our career or vocation, we should be looking for opportunities to:


This is an excerpt of my book entitled, “OCCUPY: Finding Your Place of Influence in the World”

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