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The Psychology of Money

We live our lives in a way that limits us from having an abundance of resources. The way we think about money and how we relate to it is like a heroin addict. Money is something most of us feel we can’t get enough of or can’t live without. Money is craved by many but controlled by no one. There is no one, no matter how wealthy they are, that has a monopoly on money. The reality is that we must learn to relate to and think about money from a perspective that we will not allow it to control our actions. It is incredible to me that we don’t deal with money the way we deal with people. Do you realize that money is the one thing that doesn’t need anyone? Money has no feelings, emotions, or intellect and needs no one to survive. Cash is not interested in a house, car, land, vacation, or any such things. Money doesn’t have to earn anything, but we must make it. Money has no mind, nor does it need one, but the one who possesses it does. What is your reason concerning money? Do you have a mind of desperation that you must have it at all costs? Do you feel that your life is empty without it? It would help if you asked yourself the hard questions. If you can’t be honest with yourself, you will stay in bondage mentally and never experience wealth in its most accurate form. Most of the way we think about money comes from the influence of our ancestors. Money mindsets are passed down. Take a look at how you spend your money, and it will tell you all you need to know about your philosophy concerning it. Do you work for money, or does it work for you? We spend so much time and effort trying to obtain and still wind up struggling.

I have been guilty many times of this same thing. We must change our thinking and relationship with money if we are ever going to enjoy life and live it in abundance. Money must be viewed as our slave and not us being a slave to it. Money must be put in its rightful place and directed, guided, and appropriately used for multiplication. If your money is not multiplying, it is because your mindset is not as such. If we were to delay our immediate gratification for the sole purpose of multiplication, we would have more money. It is so interesting how we envy people who are doing well financially, but we are unwilling to adapt their practices or discipline to money.

Wealth is acquired by having a strong work ethic, applying wisdom, and a winner’s mentality. It is also important to note that we can’t accomplish it without being solution minded. The more problems you solve, the more wealth you attract. However, wealth does not stop at accumulating assets but spills over into other areas of your life. This truly is the mindset of a wealthy and prosperous person. Broke individuals spend their time gossiping about others’ possession while wealthy people spend their time talking about ideas. All it takes is one idea that will catapult you from poverty into a position of prosperity. Our thinking must be redirected in this area to stop gossiping and envying others and began strategizing and discussing solutions to the world’s problems to obtain the resources to live in abundance.

-An excerpt from my book “No More Empty Pockets” written in 2013

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