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While Others Sleep

Whenever we don‏’t place proper value and purpose on our time, we tend to misuse that time, and it contributes to our current financial condition. How much is your time worth? Are you maximizing your earning potential by making good use of your time? I‏’ve heard a recent motivational speaker T.D. Jakes say, ‏”old money moves in the morning, and young money moves at night” whether you spend your morning or night hours, what is important is how you spend that time to increase your value. We should be placing more value on our time and not just merely wasting it doing things that give us the appearance of busyness. I would recommend that you take the time to look at your list of tasks and determine if what you‏’re doing is just busy or causing you to be productive. Productivity is part of the reason many of us are frustrated. When there is a lack of productivity, it creates an internal frustration. The frustration is an alarm to make a change, but the more we ignore that frustration, we become complacent and desensitized to the urgent need to change. Other people also observe the value we place on our time and, based on their observation, determine what it is worth as well. We indicate how much we value our life and purpose through the activities we are involved in. Time is a commodity that we must learn to place more value on.

There have been many times that I‏’ve felt as though I‏’m working at a disadvantage. I have like many of you felt like if I just had more money to invest, then I would be extremely wealthy. We tend to place the blame somewhere for why we haven‏’t reached certain levels of success, status, influence, or wealth. What I have come to realize is that we all equally have been given something valuable to invest, and that is time. Many of our friends, colleagues, or peers may appear to be winning in life, but they can only really succeed in the areas that they have invested a significant amount of time. Therefore, when we are looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts of others taking a vacation, purchasing homes, conducting business, buying expensive cars, etc. what we are viewing are the results of their investment of time. In the early days of my business, I would work until the early hours of the morning after working an 8-hour shift on building my business. I rarely had the money to do the things I desired to do to market my business, but I spent time researching, reading, and finding ways to do something that would grow my business where no money was required. Time used wisely will produce solutions that can generate money.

An excerpt from my e-book “Mastering Your Money”. To order a copy contact us at info@nathanculver.com


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